Wednesday, 18 May 2016

[ClickOnce] Error while signing "No certificates were found that met all the given criteria"

Error message "SignTool Error: No certificates were found that met all the given criteria" is encountered when compiling ClickOnce project in Visual Studio

Possible cause:
The certificate has expired.

Possible solution:
If you do not want to change your certificate (especially for test certificates), you can use the RenewCert tool to extend your certificate's expiry date.

Monday, 27 July 2015

[WCF] MSMQ Active Directory Integration not working

Problem: After installing the MSMQ Active Directory Integration and configuring it on our WCF service endpoint, our service was failing to start due to the following error message:

"Binding validation failed because the binding's MsmqAuthenticationMode property is set to WindowsDomain but MSMQ is installed with Active Directory integration disabled. The channel factory or service host cannot be opened."

Solution: we checked our service configuration file where everything was OK. The solution to our problem was to restart our server in order for the Active Directory Integration to be activated and taken into account by our WCF service